Prevent Changing Colors Avocado with Onion

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Avocado is one fruit that is fresh and rich benefits. Not surprisingly, more and more people are vying to be creative to create a dish made ​​from avocado. Besides delicious, this fruit is also safe for those who are dieting, because they contain unsaturated fats and vegetable. 

However, the constraints faced by many people is rapidly oxidized avocado and make the quality of the flesh of the fruit turns brownish color so. 

Usually, to prevent this discoloration, many people cope with a squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice. Unfortunately, this method did not last too long. So what to do? 

According to the Women's Health website, onions can be an effective solution. The trick, some sliced ​​spring onions. Then, place the onion slices into a plastic container. Then, in the same container, insert pieces (half portion) are still skinned avocado, onion slices on top, then cover tightly and store in refrigerator. 

This step will help resist discoloration of avocado for three days. Therefore, sliced ​​red onion will release sulfur gases, which would temporarily stop the oxidation process of an avocado until the color is not turning brown.